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In many cases, the public has rallied around high-profile accounts that have been suspended, but there has been no one place where regular people can report that they feel they have been unfairly silenced. Now there is - which aims to Unsilence the Silenced. Trying to censor individuals, especially online, will never stop the spread of ideas. Also, anonymity and pseudonymity are fundamentally and patriotically American, yet Big Tech, which are by-and-large American companies, have made it their mission to stamp out that which helped create our country, and encourages more and broader free speech. Our government has been useless against these transgressions, as it has come to work primarily for the benefit of these same oligarchs.

In America, no government agency or organization appears to be tracking, let alone regulating these abuses of discretion by enormous tech corporations and oligarchs monopolizing American's free speech rights; rather they have colluded on the censorship. President Trump collected people's censorship stories at one point but now that tool has disappeared and the data it collected is MIA. There are no appeals beyond the global self-selected and unelected social/speech moderation/governance boards that are Twitter, Facebook, Google, PayPal, YouTube, and the like. They have seen fit, and were permitted by a weak, ineffective and passive Congress, to suspend a sitting President of the United States, whose page had been deemed a First Amendment zone by US Courts. It was and is wrong no matter who holds the Office, or which "private company" disapproves. It is not just his First Amendment rights at issue, but all the rest of ours as well. That they got away with that is an indictment of the United States Congress. This has become dangerous to America's doctrine of elected self-rule.

The suspended posts here are not of child abuse, or legitimate murder threats, but are just run-of-the-mill #wrongthink and tone-policing. There are many examples of Covid-related Twitter suspensions and posts being force-deleted that turned out later to be true. Many gender critical tweets are just women calling trans identified males -- "men", and being banned for not calling them women as they demand. "Wishing or hoping harm" is verboten. And funny if not so detrimental, is that some of the suspensions are obvious to any English-speaking human as just typos or jokes. Even a statistically small number of errors are many real citizens left frustrated and feeling disenfranchised, and in many cases leaving a trail of disjointed "restricted" or "locked" accounts, which the companies and insiders then call spam.

When reviewing these suspended posts the coercive language of compliance used should also be noted, as it is not good enough they require removal but users must "acknowledge" they have violated the Rules, even when it is clear they do not. Requiring people affirm that which they do not believe, along with the grossly unequal bargaining power, seems to be against Public Policy. They also frequently warn that permanent suspension is always hanging overhead. We are heading toward a China-style Social Credit System.

These are American entities, and yet they are not strictly "private companies". Other Utilities such as telephone and electric companies (at least as of this writing) have never been permitted to block services based on legal usage, or the content of communications - and these digital sidewalks and townsquares, carrying our modern personal/social/work communications and connections, should not be stifled either. Imagine if America had pretended ATT was "publishing" or "platforming" phone calls back when phone lines and towers were put up. Our elected officials should regulate these entities as the common carriers they are in practice. By choosing not to do so, along with entering into National Security and other (many secret) agreements with these same companies, they have essentially situated them as social data collection and transmission monopolies; and by directing and mainlining that data and usage, as de facto, custom and usage, government agents.

A hat tip goes to Twitter user @sambarber1910 who has been collecting Twitter gender suspensions for some time - an admirable effort. Unfortunately if Twitter ever decides it does not like him doing that they will all be gone, just as others before him were suspended and the records wiped from public view. Hence the need for a site like this. When signing up a new Twitter for this site, Twitter kept prompting to follow other accounts. Immediately upon trying to do so and clicking the button to follow @sambarber1910 it auto blocked any further account use and said the account was restricted. A few weeks later, without any further interaction, it changed to suspended. The screenshots are in the Twitter - Other gallery. This seemed targeted and anti-competitive. Initial data also hints at deranking in Google search.

This site is under construction and several features will be upgraded and enhanced - including an abortion rights page. This is a place where people can post social media bans, forced deletions and suspensions they consider to be unjust. This is a labor of conscience, not profit. Hopefully this information will help expose injustice - to individuals, and by corporations and government - and can be used when trying to hold the currently unaccountable social media companies accountable at some point in the future.

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