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Facebook is an American company, and yet it does not operate as strictly a private or American company. Our elected officials should regulate Facebook as the common carrier it is in practice. Other Utilities/monopolies (Facebook parent company Meta also owns WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus and more) such as telephone and electric companies (at least as of this writing) have never been permitted to block services based on legal usage, or the content of communications.

These modern digital sidewalks and townsquares should not see free speech stifled either. Imagine if American regulators had framed phone companies as "publishing" or "platforming" phone calls so as to avoid regulating them. Instead our leaders then recognized the monopolistic nature, as well as necessity, of these services and passed the Communications Act of 1934.

Facebook also operates under numerous known and unknown agreements with various and numerous governments at all levels across the world. In some ways they have appointed themselves a global social government, easily interoperable with either a CCP or USG social credit system. Facebook poses a danger to Democracy if our rights are being decided by highest bidders. Submit A Facebook Suspension.