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COVID19 came on and spread long before knowledge about it did. It showed us that officials are definitely willing to overlook America's core values and ideals and squash the questioning of official narratives. Technology has made it far too easy. Such 'emergency' situations are often used by government to implement measures citizens would never allow under normal circumstance. "National security" is a brutal weapon against domestic democratic freedoms.

Any discussion of Ivermectin or Hydrochloroquine were forbidden, including at direction from the Whitehouse and Congress to the Social Platforms. America has a First Amendment which protects freedom of speech, press and assembly, including the right to criticize our government and its policies.

If America's political institutions were not captured by billionaires, Big Pharma, and colluding with Social Media and other technology platforms, it would be unconscionable and against public policy to force people to deny facts, delete Tweets, or self-censor as part of a contract to simply allow access to speak in the public forums of the digital era. While many may not agree with some or others of these suspended posts, in America, citizens have First Amendment rights to Free Speech that should not be stifled. We are heading toward a China-style Social Credit System.

Blue checks usually get their accounts back, often quickly, while regular people are usually perpetually locked out of Twitter, and the public discourse it facilitates. It has become even worse since Musk (originally a foreign national, who may have committed immigration fraud) took over and implemented numerous radical anti-American policies. Twitter being run this way, and the US Government colluding for it to be run this way, is further cementing a Big Tech/Online Caste System that will mesh with REAL/Digital ID/Authentication Systems to form a USG Official/Corporate Social Credit Scheme.

Our US Constitution does not include exemptions for "disinformation", "misinformation", or even simply for lying or being wrong. Many of these examples are of COVID-related suspensions and posts being force-deleted that turned out later to be true. There are more COVID-19 suspensions on the Other Suspensions page.

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